Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pictures of Sites #12

Marinfanta Road Km95 > Sierra Madre > Quezon Province > East Luzon

This is a road that connects Marikina city (North Metro Manila - West Luzon) to Infanta (East Luzon), about 130km long it connects west to East through the Sierra Madre mountains. Its a project that started about 40 years ago under the rule of then president Ferdinand Marcos, all the way to today. It is approximately 80% completed, only a couple of dozen kilometers remain to be cemented near Infanta, however even not cemented road is drivable, just more tricky during raining season.

For us Stick collectors this road is a blessing, due to its location : the Sierra Madre mountains. About 60km are passing directly through the mountain chain, altitudes varies from 400masl to 850masl. Before completion of that road this whole area remained very unaccessible, it is now offering to us countless new trails, waterfalls and other pics to explore, such an exciting place to be. Actually our first stop on that road was Mount Daraitan at Km69, I featured already in a previous post. This time we pushed further till Km 95 were we stopped at about 750masl already with the car. Taking a side trail going up the rest of the mountain about 200meters up to 900masl. We discovered there on top of the mountain the "back side" of the road > the huge Sierra Madre area, so many pics to go....... First trip there, we were caught into an incoming typhoon, we could stay on site only about 90mns under buckets of water thrown to us by the typhoon, we decided then, soaked wet and full of mud, to abort collecting and go back to the car and Manila....... Marinfanta Km95 you will see us again there pretty soon, promised :))

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